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This is how you write e-mails today with KUNOMAIL

Make your email even more individual with gifs, images, stationery, greeting cards and your own images.

Create creative design email templates or import your old Incredimail templates into KUNOMAIL and integrate them into your emails. Unique design, animated emails, templates and templates for every occasion and every taste.

Look forward to text and background effects with which you can create unique effects. Choose from over 1000 fonts for your new email.

A contribution from www.mailhilfe.de

IncrediMail was discontinued three years ago and KuNoMail was developed as a result. What makes the difference? Which program is better?

We explain that to you in this video.

5 reasons for KUNOMAIL

Lifetime license without restrictions:

Experience the freedom of unrestricted lifetime licensing with KUNOMAIL. No subscriptions, no hidden fees - once purchased, it's yours forever. Enjoy the security and peace of mind that a permanent license offers you.

Creative email design made easy:

With KUNOMAIL, creating impressive emails becomes an effortless experience. Whether you want to design professional correspondence or engaging newsletters, KUNOMAIL offers intuitive tools and diverse design options to bring your creative ideas to life.

YouTube channel with tutorials for optimal use and assistance:

Dive into the diverse features of KUNOMAIL with our dedicated YouTube tutorial channel. Learn useful tips and tricks to unlock the program's full potential. From basics to advanced features, our channel offers a wealth of resources to improve your email management skills.

Wizards for incoming and outgoing emails:

KUNOMAIL goes beyond simply sending and receiving emails. Smart assistants keep you up to date on incoming and outgoing emails. Receive notifications, organize your inbox efficiently and always stay on top of your communications.

Continuous development and free updates:

At KUNOMAIL, innovation never stops. Our program is continually evolving and we offer free updates to ensure you always enjoy the latest features and improvements. Stay up to date with the latest technology at no additional cost – KUNOMAIL grows with you.

Discover the advantages of KUNOMAIL!

Explore the numerous advantages of KUNOMAIL - your reliable partner for lifelong, creative and efficient email use. Let yourself be inspired by the inspiring design that makes KUNOMAIL the most beautiful email program.

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It's wonderful how KUNOMAIL gets better with every update. I don't want to change either.


Get to know KUNOMAIL, understand it and use it better - with our video tutorials

Integrate your Gmail / Gmail account into KUNOMAIL.

Useful Functions at a glance

Customize the surface easily and simply. Use our templates for simple interface design.

Create and manage email folders

Creatively design the surface Part 2 (background videos, slideshow and color gradient)

In just a few steps we will explain the automatic email configuration and how to solve possible problems during setup.


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