Compose unique, animated emails for every occasion & every taste with our MAGIC Editor.

Let our assistants notify you when new emails have arrived.

Look forward to animated surfaces that bring even more variety to everyday e-mail.

With KUNOMAIL you can compose e-mails like with no other e-mail programme!

With KUNOMAIL.CONNECT our chat messenger,

you communicate with your friends or family. Meet other KUNOMAILERS in the public groups and chat with them.

Test KUNOMAIL without obligation

Here you can download the latest KUNOMAIL version for Windows operating systems! Click on the button and start the download. Afterwards you can execute the KUNOMAIL installation. Existing versions will be updated automatically.

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A contribution from

IncrediMail was discontinued three years ago and KuNoMail was developed as a result. What makes the difference? Which program is better?

We explain that to you in this video.

This is how you write e-mails today with KUNOMAIL

Choose from over 1000 fonts for your new email

Customise your email with GIFs, images, stationery, greeting cards and your own artwork.

Create creative e-mail templates or import your old Incredimail templates into KUNOMAIL and integrate them into your e-mails.

Look forward to text and background effects with which you can create unique e-mails.

We are constantly developing KUNOMAIL further and thus provide you with regular updates and innovations.


With KUNOMAIL.CONNECT you can communicate with your contacts individually or in groups and exchange data. There will be public groups in which an exchange with other KUNOMAIL users is possible. Of course, you can also create your own private and public groups. Pictures, videos and your own design options are completely free in every message.

The data exchange takes place exclusively between the message partners. No e-mail provider is required. No data is stored on servers (on the Internet)! We have published a video for you to make it easier for you to get started with KUNOMAIL.CONNECT. So please watch our KUNOMAIL.CONNECT video first.

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It's wonderful how KUNOMAIL gets better with every update. I don't want to change either.


Get to know KUNOMAIL, understand it and use it better - with our video tutorials

You want an up-to-date overview of the functions in KUNOMAIL? Take a look at our new video.

You have problems with your KUNOMAIL? In this video we show you the top 5 fixes.

You want to activate your KUNOMAIL Licence? This is how you do it from Version 1.6.3.


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