Integrate letter and greeting templates, images, animations and sounds into your e-mail with the MAGIC Editor. Compose e-mails like with no other e-mail programme!

Look forward to a clearly arranged e-mail programme with an extra large display and easy operability.

Let our assistants notify you visually and acoustically when new e-mails arrive and then read them out completely if you wish.

With my visual impairment, I can't use many e-mail programmes. With KUNOMAIL+ I can finally see everything properly. And with KUNOMAIL+ I really enjoy writing e-mails again.

What makes KUNOMAIL+ so special?

  • Option of extra large display for visually impaired users
  • E-mails can be read out completely on request
  • Visual and acoustic notification in the form of assistants when new e-mails arrive
  • Design and send unique e-mails with the Magic Editor
  • Send photos and videos in optimal size so that printing is a pleasure
  • Greeting cards and letters without postage, without going to the post office
  • Include letter and greeting templates, images, animations and sounds

With KUNOMAIL you can compose e-mails like with no other e-mail programme!

Test KUNOMAIL+ without obligation

Here you can download the latest KUNOMAIL+ version for Windows operating systems! Click on the button to start the download. Afterwards you can carry out the KUNOMAIL+ installation. Existing versions will be updated automatically.

We are here for you!

  • We offer personal customer service in the form of TeamViewer support, telephone and e-mail. Because especially the initial setup of technical software can sometimes be a bit complicated.
  • Our help centre provides a quick overview of questions that arise. Learn more about KUNOMAIL, its special functions and let us help you with the installation and set-up.
  • With our cooperation partner, we enable our customers to exchange information with each other in a forum.
  • We regularly publish informative videos on YouTube
  • We take you by the hand and support you until you are completely satisfied. Because we are only satisfied when you are satisfied.

It's wonderful how KUNOMAIL gets better with every update. I don't want to change either.

Buy KUNOMAIL Full Version

The licence is per computer and can be used by several users on one computer. The price has to be paid once and includes all future updates. No subscription! (The purchase of an additional licence requires a valid full version licence)

KUNOMAIL Licence & Additional Licence

The YouTube Channel helped me with the installation & setup of KUNOMAIL. Now everything works smoothly. Thank you dear KUNOMAIL Team


Get to know KUNOMAIL, understand it and use it better - with our video tutorials.

You want to activate your KUNOMAIL Licence? This is how you do it from Version 1.6.3.

See how you can access your purchased shop products and connect them to your KUNOMAIL.

How to set your optimal font size for menus and what to consider can be seen in this video.


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