KUNOMAIL Letter Creator

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Design your own templates even more precisely now. There are no limits to your creativity!

What makes the Letter Creator so special?

  • You have the choice of how your e-mails should look in the future. Design even more precise e-mails and templates by entering the positions header, footer, left, right and text.
  • You are spoilt for choice: get creative!
  • Once created, use templates again and again and again.
  • Letter Creator is also an easy solution for companies that want to establish their external image through professionally created emails. Create professional letterheads with e.g. logos, CI colours - and specifications or your contact information.

KUNOMAIL Letter Creator

The tool KUNOMAIL Letter Creator can only be used in connection with a KUNOMAIL & KUNOMAIL 2022 version.

This is how you can help us with further development

  • Write us your ideas and suggestions for improvement at contact@kunomail.de
  • Send us your tutorials, whether written or video, and we'll link them to our website!
  • Have fun designing with our Letter Creator!

How do I get the Letter Creator?

Letter Creator & Incredimail Importer

From now on, create new creative letter templates and import your old masterpieces into KUNOMAIL.