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KUNOMAIL 2022 is coming soon!


Is the update / upgrade free?

The update to version 2022 is completely free of charge for all KUNOMAIL license holders. If you don't have a license yet, you will need a license to use it with the big UPDATE.

Do I have to install the update? Can I continue to use my previous KUNOMAIL version?

KUNOMAIL 2022 installs the major update alongside the previous KUNOMAIL version (if available). Both versions can be used in parallel. If you don't want to install the big update, just keep using your previous KUNOMAIL.

Will my data and settings be retained?

All personal data such as e-mails, account settings, favorites and also the KUNOMAIL user settings are retained and can be transferred to the new KUNOMAIL. With this update we enable seamless continued use with your new KUNOMAIL.

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KUNOMAIL Update 1.6.4 available


The entire KUNOMAIL team is still working flat out on the upcoming "new" KUNOMAIL version 2022. The current KUNOMAIL client therefore only receives updates that increase stability and performance and no new functions. In the next newsletter we will be able to give you more information about the publication of the KUNOMAIL 2022 update. One thing in advance: for everyone who already has a full version license, the update is free of charge! KUNOMAIL 2022 can be installed and used parallel to the current KUNOMAIL. This ensures an easy transition to the new version. You can get another outlook on KUNOMAIL 2022 in the following KUNOMAIL YouTube video:

You can find more information about this update here.

KUNOMAIL Licence Activation


In this video Franci shows you how to activate or reactivate a licence (or additional licence) of KUNOMAIL in the future, e.g. if you had to reinstall your operating system or if you have a new computer.

Also how to deactivate or delete a KUNOMAIL activation is clearly explained here.

KUNOMAIL Update 1.6.3 available


We have taken another big step towards the Final Big KUNOMAIL Update. With the installation of the KUNOMAIL Update 1.6.3 we simplify the access to licences and purchased products. The previous online account and the separate registration are no longer necessary. In future, you will only need to enter your Online Shop e-mail address in KUNOMAIL in order to download your licences and products. Franci explains how this works and which advantages you can use in the future in the following video.

You can find more information about this update here.

Latest news on the big KUNOMAIL update


We are still working intensively on the big KUNOMAIL update in order to be able to keep the planned release date. However, we have to prepare everything well in advance. Therefore, we will prepare KUNOMAIL for the big update with a smaller update, probably in a week's time. We have simplified the activation and the online shop connection for you. The update process has been optimised and the cumbersome KUNOMAIL Online Shop registration has been removed. In the future, we will offer you a platform for the direct exchange of experiences. You can find out more about this and the new website and the new online shop in the next newsletter.

KUNOMAIL will be presenting itself with a new website in November!


We have summarized all KUNOMAIL topics for you on the upcoming website. Website, help center and online shop are combined. With more clarity, it will be easier for you to find your way in and around KUNOMAIL. The previous online account area will be integrated directly into the KUNOMAIL application in the future. In the upcoming "Activation" dialog, you will find your licenses and purchased items in the future. The separate "online account" is no longer required. It will also be easier to renew an activation in the future if the PC has been changed and reinstalled.

We have great news


We have used the last weeks and months intensively to fix the bugs & problems you reported. There will be a very big update (upgrade) and today and here we want to give you first information about the upcoming KUNOMAIL version.

  • Please have a look at our new YouTube video and let us surprise you.
  • The UPDATE / UPGRADE of the new KUNOMAIL version will be available for you by the 1st birthday of KUNOMAIL in December 2021 at the latest.

KUNOMAIL Update 1.6.0 available


This update further increases stability and performance of KUNOMAIL. The following problems have been fixed:

  • Sending e-mails directly or in the background via configuration adjustable
  • E-mail selection jumps to the first e-mail in the grid if it is automatically marked as read
  • Extension of the active question dialogues
  • opening an .eml or clicking on a mailTo: e-mail link opens KUNOMAIL with licence warning despite existing licence


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