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KUNOMAIL Performance UPDATE 2.4.8 is available!

Resolved display problems in freemailers or other e-mail programs!

A contribution from

IncrediMail was discontinued three years ago and KuNoMail was developed as a result. What makes the difference? Which program is better?

We explain that to you in this video.

KUNOMAIL Performance UPDATE 2.4.7 is available!

Now available: CONNECT has been integrated directly into KUNOMAIL!

KUNOMAIL has new Assistants: Elf, Pirate, Robot, Butterfly and the Firefighter

KUNOMAIL Performance UPDATE 2.4.6 is available!

This Update improves Performance when working with many eMails!

Email Filtering & Search is now available as a convenient Function!

Current KUNOMAIL 2022 UPDATE 2.4.5 is available!

MagicEditor formatting puts text on a new line.

The email text in the Magic Editor no longer automatically scrolls to the next line when formatting.