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Here you find an overview of our current partnerships

We are pleased to announce that we have been able to win a major partner in Germany for our project since 04.06.2020. Among other things, Mailhilfe.de offers users a large portfolio of information on the most popular e-mail clients, a huge forum and an online shop. In close cooperation with Mailhilfe.de we are working on the continuous improvement and adaptation of our e-mail client.

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The CHIP editorial team says:

KUNOMAIL: Clear mail programme with retro charm

KUNOMAIL focuses on clarity and displays only the most important elements that a mail client must have on its playful interface. Mail retrieval via IMAP/POP3 with SSL and TLS is supported. You can store up to 8 mail accounts in the software, and an assistant helps you set them up. Typical for IncrediMail are also the various alerts that creatively announce the arrival of new mail.

But what sets the software apart from other competitors is the option to customise mails with a wide variety of layouts. Greeting cards, pictures, GIFs, sounds, KUNOMAIL offers you lots of possibilities to play with. Importing templates and greeting cards created in IncrediMail is also possible thanks to an importer function.

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